Anti-corruption and integrity in the public sector

Procurement Pilot Exercise Progress Reports


The countries below have carried out independent assessments of their public procurement systems as part of ongoing efforts to strengthen these systems.

Using the MAPS (Methodology for the Assessment of Procurement Systems) countries benchmarked their systems against internationally recognised best practices.


Afghanistan_small Afghanistan  

Philippines_small Philippines

CPAR Action Plan   Final BLI scores    Comparative API scores 

Botswana_small Botswana    Rwanda
Burkina Faso_small Burkina Faso   Sierra Leone_small Sierra Leone
Cameroon_small Cameroon   Sri Lanka_small Sri Lanka
Indonesia_smallIndonesia   Tanzania_small Tanzania
Kenya_small Kenya Annex   Togo_small Togo

Lao People's Democratic Republic_small Lao PDR

Annex A     Annex B     Annex C

  Uganda_small Uganda
Malawi_small Malawi


Vietnam_small Viet Nam

Annex 1A  Annex 1B  Annex 1C  Annex 2

Mongolia_small Mongolia  

Yemen_small  Yemen

Annex 1  Annex 1a  Annex 1b  Annex 1c Annex 2

Niger_small Niger   Zambia_small Zambia
Paraguay_small Paraguay    Español    


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