Fighting corruption in the public sector

Public Integrity Hackathon


 1 - 2 April 2017 Harokpion University, Athens


In partnership with the Greek General Secretariat against Corruption (GSAC), the Harokopion University and the Greek Open Technologies Alliance (GFOSS), the OECD will organise a Hackathon on Public Integrity in which students, academia, start-ups, software developers, and other participants interested in making an impact in society in the area of anti-corruption, will engage in collaborative computer programming.  


The main objectives of the hackathon are : 

  • Create an innovation-driven space to conceptualise and develop solutions to engage citizens to actively prevent and fight corruption in the public sector.

  • Develop prototype mobile and information-system-based applications and technological solutions to share actionable anti-corruption information with a variety of stakeholders, sectors and end-users.

  • Connect technology with citizens to help them prevent and speak up about corruption.

  • Leverage existing information, networks and human capacity to seed innovation.

  • Communicate existing information in an innovative and easy-to-understand manner to catalyse action and empower end-users.

The winners will have the option to engage in a service contract agreement to develop their ideas into a fully functionning tool ready to be used by the public.


Public Integrity Hackathon

Harokopion University, Athens, Greece

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