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Auditors Alliance


The Auditors Alliance is a unique forum for public sector internal and external auditors to share insights and expertise on their audit practices. It aims to:

  • Bring together public sector auditors
  • Create a space to share better practices and overcome challenges in public sector auditing
  • Facilitate institutional partnerships in the spirit of mutual learning and targeted co-operation, matching the needs and skills of different auditors and audit entities
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LAUNCH MEETING (26 March 2018)

The launch meeting of the Auditors Alliance took place on 26 March 2018 at the OECD Headquarters in Paris, France and included sessions for sharing internal and external audit insights and better practices.



We are expecting auditors from across the public sector auditing profession, including from:

  • Internal audit bodies and internal audit organisations
  • Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) and SAI organisations
  • Sub-national internal and external audit entities

Note that the Alliance does not focus on financial statement auditing, but explores other areas of internal and external audit with a particular focus on performance, value-for-money, and compliance auditing.

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UPCOMING ACTIVITIES (more information to come)

The OECD will provide Auditors Alliance members with the opportunity to participate in a self-assessment exercise to determine strengths and capabilities, and to identify areas where they could benefit from engaging with another audit entity through capacity-building activities or practitioner-to-practitioner secondment-type arrangements. The OECD will also be conducting an ‘Auditors without Borders’ Pilot Project.

The next annual meeting will take place in March 2019.