Digital government

Practicing E-Government : A Global Perspective


Practicing E-Government: A Global Perspective presents a variety of chapters covering many of the important topics in e-government, and is intended to elicit comments, raise concerns and open dialogue as e-government programs for mainstream society are continually implemented. This book responds to e-government's present shortcomings, while exploring a renewed understanding of e-government's visions and responsiveness.

In Practicing E-Government: A Global Perspective, professionals collaborate and share best practices in an effort to take the basic concept of digital government and continue to enhance the frameworks that encourage innovation and adoption, moving e-government toward its goal of easy access for the masses. This valuable collection of contributions in this vital emerging technology area is instrumental in broadening our understanding of e-government technologies and potential.

This book is not for sale at the OECD but can be purchased at Idea Publishing



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