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Dedicated Public-Private Partnership Units: A Survey of Institutional and Governance Structures


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ISBN: 9789264006515

Publication date : 10 March 2010

Pages: 118

Number of tables: 20
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Dedicated public-private partnership (PPP) units are organisations set up with full or partial aid of the government to ensure that the skills needed to handle third-party provision of goods and services are made available and clustered together within government. Such units enhance the capacity of government to successfully manage the risks associated with a growing number and value of PPPs. Although a relatively recent phenomenon, in 2009 more than half of all OECD countries reported the existence of a dedicated unit of some kind.

This book provides an overview of dedicated PPP units in OECD countries, including case studies covering the State of Victoria (Australia), Germany, Korea, the United Kingdom, and South Africa (an OECD enhanced engagement country). What are the functions and locations of their dedicated PPP units? In exercising these functions, what role do these units play in the procurement process? What are the lessons for other countries that have already established or are considering establishing a dedicated PPP unit?


Table of contents

Executive Summary

Chapter 1. An overview of dedicated public-private partnership units
Chapter 2. Dedicated PPP units: five case studies
Chapter 3. Dedicated PPP units: other OECD member countries

Annex A.  OECD principles for private sector participation in infrastructure


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