Budgeting and public expenditures

3rd meeting of Senior Budget Officials from Central, Eastern and South-Eastern European Countries (2007)


The OECD network of Senior Budget Officials from Central, Eastern and South-Eastern European Countries (CESEE SBO) held its third meeting on 20-21 March 2007 in Vilnius, Lithuania, hosted by the Lithuanian Ministry of Finance.

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Richard Emery, former Assistant Director of the Office of Management and Budget, Executive Office of the President of the United States. It opened with a welcoming address by Mr. Zigmantas Balčytis, Minister of Finance of Lithuania.

Budget reviews of Hungary and of Turkey were presented by the OECD Secretariat.



Introduction: Building capacity – Lithuania’s experiences from 10 years of reform
• Presentation by Mr. Rimantas Veckys, Director of the Budget Department, Ministry of Finance, Lithuania
• Discussant: Mr. Radovan Majersky, General Director, Budget Department, Ministry of Finance, Slovakia
• Discussant: OECD Secretariat

Relationship between the legislature and the budget office
• Presentation by Mr. Chung-Keun Park, OECD Secretariat
• Discussant: Mr. Niklas Frank, Finance Committee of the Parliament, Sweden
• Discussant: Mr. Bojan Pogacar, Undersecretary, Ministry of Finance, Slovenia


Survey of the budget process in Hungary
• Presentation by Mr. Daniel Bergvall and Mr. Ian Hawkesworth, OECD Secretariat
• Discussant: Mr. Bohdan Hejduk, General Director, Ministry of Finance, Czech Republic
• Discussant: Dr. Matthias Witt, Senior Planning Officer, German Technical Cooperation (GTZ), Germany

Engaging the public in budgeting
• Presentation by Ms. Susan Tanaka, Policy Analyst
• Discussant: Ms. Mirela Zagorac, Head of Unit, Ministry of Finance, Croatia
• Discussant: Ms. Ulrika Klingenstierna, SIGMA/OECD

Performance budgeting and accruals budgeting: Decision rules or analytical tools?
• Presentation by Mr. Barry Anderson, OECD Secretariat
• Discussant: Mr. David Dipple, Parliamentary Estimates Clerk, HM Treasury, United Kingdom
• Discussant: Mr. Javier Monzó Torrecillas, Senior Budget Official, Ministry of Finance, Spain


Survey of the budget process in Turkey
• Presentation by Mr. Dirk-Jan Kraan, OECD Secretariat
• Discussant: Ms. Marta Postula, Director of Department, Ministry of Finance, Poland
• Discussant: Mr. Eivind Tandberg, Public Financial Management Advisor, International Monetary Fund

PEFA benchmarking

• Chair: Mr Pavel Safaryan, First Deputy Minister of Finance and Economy, Armenia
• Presentation by Mr. William Dorotinsky, World Bank
• Discussant: Mr. Ihor Buhrak, Deputy Head, Budget System Reforms Department, Ukraine
• Discussant: Ms. Nina Lupan, Deputy Minister of Finance, Moldova



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