Budgeting and public expenditures

12th Annual Meeting of Central, Eastern & South Eastern European Countries Senior Budget Officials (CESEE-SBO) Ljubljana, Slovenia 28-29 June 2016



Ljubljana, Slovenia
28-29 June 2016

Meeting co-hosted by the Center of Excellence in Finance (CEF) and the Slovenian Ministry of Finance, with the cooperation of PEMPAL and the Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency (GIFT).


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 Tuesday 28 June 2016

Welcome and Keynote address by Dr. Sc. Dušan Mramor, Slovenian Minister of Finance
Opening and Delegates’ introductions

SESSION 1 -- Are PFM and public governance reforms in the region yielding results?

Lead speakers:

  • Duncan Last, IMF
  • Ivana Jakir-Bajo, Croatia
  • Klas Klaas, OECD Secretariat
  • Irena Rostan, Slovenia

SESSION 2 -- Fiscal risks -- Identification, management and mitigation strategies

Lead speakers:

  • Jaehyuk Choi, OECD Secretariat
  • Johann Seiwald, IMF
  • Ioana Burla, Romania
  • Gints Trupovnieks, Latvia

SESSION 3 -- Current challenges of budgetary Governance: Key issues and questions

Lead speakers:

  • Robert Bauchmüller, CEF, Slovenia

SESSSION 4 -- Current challenges of Budgetary governance -- PARALLEL SESSIONS

  • Parallel session 4.A: Building a vision for national development: The role of targets, goals and benchmarks in integrating planning and budgeting

Lead speakers:

  • Nikolay Begchin, Russian Federation
  • Klas Klaas, OECD secretariat
  • Katja Lautar, Slovenia
  • Parallel session 4.B: Budget flexibility, agility and responsiveness: Country experiences of dealing with the case of immigration

Lead speakers:

  • Mladenka Karacic, Croatia
  • Bahadir Yildiz, Turkey
  • Parallel session 4.C: Building the institutional and HR capacities to deliver PFM reform.

Lead speakers:

  • Jana repaénsek, CEF, Slovenia
  • Veikko Kapsta, Estonia

SESSION 5 -- Report from Parallel sessions

SESSION 6 -- Performance Budgeting Update on 2016 OECD Survey

Lead speakers:

  • Ronnie Downes, OECD Secretariat
  • Nikolay Begchin, Russian Federation


Wednesday 29 June

Joint sessions with Open Government Partnership -- Fiscal Openness Working Group

SESSION 7 -- Fiscal Transparency -- What does it mean today?

Lead speakers:

  • Ronnie Downes, OECD Secretariat
  • Lewis Hawke, PEFA, World Bank
  • Elena Mondo, IBP
  • Anna Belenchuk, Russian Federation
  • Jonas Arp Fallov, World Bank

SESSION 8 -- Public participation in budgeting:  Applying the new GIFT Principles

Lead speakers:

  • Murray Petrie, GIFT
  • Katarina Ott, CSO, Croatia
  • Anjali Garg, IBP

SESSION 9 -- Towards a "Shared Toolkit on Budget Transparency

Lead speakers:

  • Ruben Werchan, OECD Secretariat
  • Deanna Aubrey, PEMPAL, and Anna Belenchuk, Russian Federation
  • Johann Seiwald, IMF
  • Juan Pablo Guerrero, GIFT

SESSION 10 -- Beyond the plateau:  Shared practical challenges in Open budgeting-- THEMATIC COUNTRY DIALOGUES

  • Sub-session 10.A: Clear financial reports, citizens budgets and open data

Lead speakers: 

  • Talas Aidarbek Uulu, Kyrgyz Republic
  • Klara Tentimishova, Kyrgyz Republic
  • Olena Mykhailenko, Ukraine
  • Volodymyr Tarnay, Ukraine
  • Sub-session10.B: Reporting of fiscal risks, contingent liabilities and inter-generational equity

Lead speakers: 

  • Aleksandra Banovic, Bosnia
  • Nevenka Brkic, croatia
  • Mirjana Cojbasic, Serbia
  • Zlatko Minic, Serbia
  • Sub-session 10.C: Engaging parliament and civil society as contributors throughout the budget cycle

Lead speakers:

  • Nato Mokverashvili, Georgia
  • Mikheil Kukava, Georgia
  • Richard Adorjan, Hungary
  • Balazs Romhanyi, Hungary

SESSION 11 -- Reports from the country dialogues

SESSION 12 -- Country focus:  Inter-institutional coordination for budget transparency

Lead speakers:

  • Irena Rostan, Slovenia
  • Jorg Kristjan Petrovic, Slovenia
  • Maja Klun, Slovenia
  • Katarina Ott, Croatia
  • Hana Zoricic, Croatia

SESSION 13 -- Closing and Future work

Lead speaker:

  • Ronnie Downes, OECD Secretariat


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