Directorate for Public Governance and Territorial Development


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Inclusive Growth

Rising inequalities are polarising societies into the haves and have-nots, eroding confidence in public institutions. Inclusive Growth begins with a more inclusive policy making process, involving a broader mix of under-served or excluded populations whose voices are too easily overwhelmed by powerful, well-organised interest groups.  


In our Public Governance Directorate, we work with member countries and partners as they go beyond "taking stock," designing, implementing and evaluating policies that help give traction to all actors and would-be actors in the economy.


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Integrity Week

How can we support governments in preventing corruption?

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Open Government Data 

What are the benefits of making government data freely available to business and citizens?

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Water Governance

By 2050, 4 billion people will live in severely water-stressed areas - how will we manage?

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Behavioural Economics

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Illicit Trade

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Managing Ethics in the Public Service

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Open Government Data

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