Latin America


OECD activities in Latin America, - Extract of the 2007-2008 Programme of Work - OECD Co-operation with Non-Members


The adoption of a regional approach to Latin America in 2001 has enabled the OECD to enhance its co-operation with countries in Latin America beyond Brazil (for which a country-specific programme was launched in 1998).


The proposed activities address policy issues that are best met on a regional level including key policy areas such as agriculture policy reform, anti-corruption and competition policy, corporate governance, education, environmental policies, labour market policies, international tax co-operation, investment policies and statistical research. Efforts are made to keep the work sharply focused on priorities of the region and to co-operate with regional institutions such as the Inter-American Development Bank and UN ECLAC.


Country-specific activities have also emerged within the regional approach, due to strong demand from OECD’s Latin American partners. Key outcomes include the OECD Economic Surveys on Chile and Brazil and thematic reviews of specific policy areas such as the Environmental Performance Review of Chile or the Review of Agricultural Policies in Brazil.


Several Latin American countries, in particular Argentina, Brazil and Chile strongly contribute to OECD work in formal OECD bodies and voluntary adhere to the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention. They are also playing an active role in OECD’s global policy dialogue by hosting OECD’s Global Forums and other regional events such as the annual Latin America Competition Forum.