Investment security in the Mediterranean


‌Infrastructure is a vital element of the business environment and a generator of employment. However, increasing demand for infrastructure in the Southern Mediterranean region is faced with declining private investment in major projects, due to global economic conditions and regional political uncertainty.


Launched in November 2012, the ISMED Support Programme seeks to increase private infrastructure investment in the Southern Mediterranean Region by providing advisory services to host governments on reducing the legal risk of specific investment projects, conducting public-private policy dialogue on broader legal framework improvements, and informing potential investors of available risk mitigation instruments.

The Programme will:

  • Evaluate 
    Evaluate, through project-specific assessment missions and related studies, the level of investment protection provided by local legal, regulatory and sectoral frameworks;

  • Recommend
    Identify gaps in protection and make policy recommendations to address them;

  • Innovate
    Support an informal network of experts exchanging views on innovative ideas to improve investment security in the Mediterranean region, in the form of working group meetings;

  • Inform
    Provide relevant information concerning guarantee products to potential investors.

The ISMED Support Programme is implemented by the MENA-OECD Investment Programme with main financing by the European Union. An Advisory Committee provides guidance and implementation assistance.


In parallel, the European Union has launched the ISMED Risk and Cost Sharing Toolkit of the EU Neighbourhood Investment Facility (NIF). Operational since May 2008, the NIF is an innovative financial instrument of the European Neighbourhood Policy, whose primary objective is to finance, with a mix of grants and loans, key infrastructure projects in the transport, energy, social and environment sectors, as well as to support private sector development (in particular small and medium enterprises) in the Neighbourhood Region.


The ISMED Risk and Cost Sharing Toolkit will provide targeted measures like support to risk-sharing mechanisms (making funds available to help private investors by reducing their exposure to risk) and guarantee schemes.

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