External Relations Committee


The External Relations Committee (ERC) is one of three Standing Committees (besides the Executive Committee and the Budget Committee) that are in charge of operational issues of the OECD Council. Its principal task is to prepare, monitor and co-ordinate the OECD’s policies on co-operation with non-members and with other international organisations. It has some delegated decision-making powers, e.g. on the extension of non-members’ observerships in OECD Committees.


The ERC’s mandate was established as part of the governance structure of the OECD that entered into force on 1 June 2006:

  • Assist the Council in preparing for its discussions and decisions on strategies, policies and guidelines on external relations and relations with non-members and international organisations, including conditions of their participation in the work of the Organisation;
  • Monitor the implementation of these decisions and advise the Council;
  • Advise the Council on the co-ordination of activities and programmes with non-members;
  • Assist the Council in ensuring that the global relations of the Organisation are taken into account in the preparation of the Programme of Work and Budget;
  • Carry out any functions delegated to it by Council, and report to it as appropriate.

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