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An OECD working dinner was held in Davos, 22 January 2015, to engage in an informal exchange on challenges facing private stakeholders across the African continent. Discussions focused on interconnectedness, investment, and inclusiveness.
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Mexico now has the chance to dramatically boost growth rates and resume convergence of its living standards towards those of advanced economies, reduce pervasive labour market informality and drive down high rates of poverty and income inequality.
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There are more than 115 million immigrants in the OECD today, about 10 percent of the total population. One in ten new migrants is from China, and one in five from Asia.
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The aim of the OECD’s Global Relations is to create a community of economies which are committed to best policy practices and to finding joint solutions for common challenges, guided by the Organisation’s evidence-based policy advice and standards. This engagement serves a mutual benefit, giving a platform to learn from each other’s policies.

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There has been steady progress over the last few years in the working relations with the Organisation’s five key partners: Brazil, China, India, South Africa, and Indonesia. We have also strengthened relations with many other partners, including through regional approaches.

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5 February 2015 - The Steering Group of the MENA-OECD Initiative meeting explored different avenues to foster inclusive growth, create employment opportunities, restore trust, and give further impetus to regional dialogue and integration.