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  • Active with India 2016

    This brochure provides a glimpse of the scope, depth and detail of the joint work between the OECD and India, and it illustrates the broad range of policy challenges on which they collaborate.

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  • Boosting Productivity and Inclusive Growth

    Developed by the OECD and the IDB, this publication highlights the importance of boosting productivity and unleashing innovation and entrepreneurshipto to reignite growth and consolidate social progress in Latin America.

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  • SMEs in Libya's Reconstruction: Preparing for a Post-Conflict Economy

    This new report analyses the structural economic and framework conditions in Libya, highlights potential drivers of development and considers the role of SMEs and entrepreneurship promotion in driving post-conflict recovery. It is intended to contribute to the implementation of policies fostering private sector development.

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The aim of the OECD’s Global Relations is to create a community of economies which are committed to best policy practices and to finding joint solutions for common challenges, guided by the Organisation’s evidence-based policy advice and standards. This engagement serves a mutual benefit, giving a platform to learn from each other’s policies.

Partners & regions


There has been steady progress over the last few years in the working relations with the Organisation’s five key partners: Brazil, China, India, South Africa, and Indonesia. We have also strengthened relations with many other partners, including through regional approaches.

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>> December 5-6: The Steering Group of the OECD Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Programme met in Santiago, Chile to discuss and approve activities for 2017-2018. This followed the 5-6 December Productivity and Inclusive Growth Ministerial Meeting held in Santiago, which gathered Ministers and experts of Latin American and Caribbean countries to discuss the main productivity challenges in the region. The meeting also served as the opportunity to launch a joint OECD-IDB publication on Boosting Productivity and Inclusive Growth in Latin America