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  • The OECD and Southeast Asia

    This new regional portal gives an overview of the work and co-operation between the OECD and Southeast Asia.

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  • Industrial upgrading for Green Growth in China

    The project jointly conducted with the Development Research Centre of the State Council of China focuses on how to better align industrial and environmental policies in China. This policy paper summarises some of the key findings and recommendations, with a focus on the priories for policy reforms.

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  • Economic Survey of South Africa 2017

    The OECD’s 2017 Economic Survey of South Africa identifies some of the foundations for inclusive growth in the future: more access to higher education; a more integrated labour market; expanding regional markets; and efforts to promote entrepreneurship and SMEs.

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The aim of the OECD’s Global Relations is to create a community of economies which are committed to best policy practices and to finding joint solutions for common challenges, guided by the Organisation’s evidence-based policy advice and standards. This engagement serves a mutual benefit, giving a platform to learn from each other’s policies.

Partners & regions


There has been steady progress over the last few years in the working relations with the Organisation’s five key partners: Brazil, China, India, South Africa, and Indonesia. We have also strengthened relations with many other partners, including through regional approaches.

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>> June 9: The www.oecd.org/latin-america portal offers a new Data section for easy access to key indicators for the region. Users can access and download regional & country-specific data information.