MENA 100 Business Plan Competition


The 2011-2012 edition of the MENA 100 Business Plan Competition is now open for applications.


Lauched in 2009, the MENA 100 Business Plan Competition supports and inspires innovative entrepreneurship in the Middle East and North Africa region. MENA 100 rewards innovative and feasible business ideas by connecting the entrepreneurs behind them with sources of finance and business networks in MENA and OECD economies. MENA 100 also encourages entrepreneurial spirit by putting regional talent into the spotlight and by giving visibility to outstanding business initiatives.


The MENA 100 Business Plan Competition is co-organised by the MENA-OECD Investment Programme, through the MENA-OECD Enterprise Financing Network and the MENA Centre for Investment, and in partnership with the Islamic Development Bank, the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation and the Bahrain Development Bank.


Applications to the 2011-12 edition of the MENA 100 Business Plan Competition are now open, closing on February 29 2012. 


The eligibility criteria, rules and all other information on the competition are available at


The MENA 100 Business Plan Competition is structured in three phases:


• In Phase 1 promising and innovative entrepreneurs from Algeria, Bahrain, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestinian Authority, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen are invited to submit their applications through this website. The applications are pre-screened for compliance with the eligibility criteria and are evaluated and scored by a group of jurors. Based on those scores, a group of applications are selected to continue in the next phase.

• In Phase 2 the selected teams are required to prepare full business plans with detailed information on their projects. The elaboration of business plans is made with the support of volunteer mentors in MENA and OECD economies. Once the business plans are completed and submitted, a second group of jurors assesses and scores them. The scores obtained by the teams are the base for the selection of finalists.

• In Phase 3 finalists are invited to present their projects in the MENA 100 Day. Prior to the final, the finalists attend a special coaching session aimed at strengthening their presentation skills, their elevator pitches and their investment readiness. During the MENA 100 Day the finalists give a ten minute presentation in front of a panel of jurors. The presentations are followed by a ten minute Q&A session.


Based on the presentations and on the responses to the questions the final panel of jurors score the finalists in a closed working session. The scores obtained by the finalists in their written business plans and in their oral presentations are the base for announcing the three final winners, who are awarded cash prizes.




MENA 100, 2010 meeting in Bahrain

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