Upcoming events

Paris, 10-11 January 2018: OECD-IMF-BIS Joint conference

This joint OECD-BIS-IMF conference, co-sponsored by the Global Forum on Productivity, will bring together high-level policy makers, top academics and experts on productivity and finance to discuss questions related to "Weak productivity: the role of financial factors and policies”.




San Jose, Costa Rica, 18 April 2018: 2nd Ministerial Summit on Productivity

Slow and diverging productivity growth is a matter of concern in most Latin America and the Caribbean countries. Governments are therefore working on policy reforms, including measures to deepen regional integration, which plays an important role in productivity growth. The conference held in Santiago de Chile in December 2016 was an opportunity to discuss the impact of barriers to entrepreneurship, competition, GVC integration, skills and informality on productivity growth. The upcoming conference in San José, Costa Rica will gather researchers and policymakers to continue this dialogue, but this time with a focus on how regional integration relates to productivity growth. The conference will be organised jointly by the Ministry of Foreign Trade of Costa Rica, the OECD Global Forum on Productivity, the Inter-American Development Bank, and CAF.