Productivity growth has been flat, although there are signs of a pick-up. Key structural reforms, notably measures to foster competition in network industries and to facilitate access to credit, are expected to bolster business-sector capital formation and productivity. However, full implementation of reforms is essential, and a renewed push to boost anti-corruption efforts and to fight informality will help to make growth more inclusive.

  • Fully implement the reform package.
  • Strengthen administrative capacity and governance quality at all levels of government.
  • Improve the accountability and professionalism of the judicial sector.
  • Fully implement the new national standards for primary and secondary teacher performance and improve the equity and efficiency of education spending.
  • Promote early-stage financing and industry co-operation with research institutes.
  • Further reduce barriers to entry for start-ups, especially at the state and local levels, thereby helping boost formal employment and inclusion.

Productivity - Mexico

Source: OECD June 2016 Economic Outlook database; OECD, Income Distribution and Poverty database; and OECD Secretariat calculations from EU-SILC – preliminary results.


 Key publications

Boosting Growth and Reducing Informality in Mexico, OECD Economics Department Working Paper, No. 1188, March 2015.

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Mexico's National Productivity Commission


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