Economic Survey - Germany 2004


The OECD assessment and recommendations on the main economic challenges faced by Germany are available by clicking on each chapter heading below.

Executive summary

Main issues and policy challenges
How is economic recovery progressing? How can economic performance be raised?

Linking fiscal consolidation to public sector reform
Is fiscal consolidation ambitious enough? How can public sector reform make fiscal policy more effective? Does the tax system need further reform? Can the efficiency of health and long-term care spending be raised? Should pension reform continue?

Of special interest: The framework for fiscal policy needs to be improved

Increasing the capacity of the economy to create employment
Which barriers to supply labour and take up jobs need to be lifted? How should recent reforms of the public employment service and unemployment benefits be followed up? How should the labour market become more flexible?

Fostering product market competition
How can reform of product market regulation improve the climate for doing business? Which measures can boost firm creation?

Improving the capacity to innovate
How does Germany’s innovation performance compare to other OECD countries? How can additional reforms for higher education, immigration, capital and labour markets improve innovation performance?

Of special interest: Developing risk capital markets
See also ECO Working Paper 407: Improving the capacity to innovate in Germany

A printer-friendly Policy Brief (pdf format) may also be downloaded. The Policy Brief contains the OECD assessment and recommendations, but does not include all of the charts available from the above pages.


The full edition of the OECD Economic Survey for Germany is available from:


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