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  • 4-October-2011


    OECD and IEA recommend reforming fossil-fuel subsidies to improve the economy and the environment

    Governments and taxpayers spent about half a trillion dollars last year supporting the production and consumption of fossil fuels. Removing inefficient subsidies would raise national revenues and reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, according to OECD and IEA analyses.

  • 19-September-2011


    Good job?

    Joining the world of work has been a rite of passage for centuries. But what does working life in the 21st century look like – and what are the social and economic consequences of a world where, for millions, no job and no immediate prospect of one marks the transition to adulthood?

  • 12-September-2011


    Tax: Jurisdictions move towards full tax transparency

    Furthering efforts to fight against international tax evasion and bank secrecy, members of the Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes have issued 12 new peer review reports.

  • 7-September-2011


    History of the Château de la Muette, OECD headquarters, Paris

    Though the present Château la Muette is modern, and was built at some distance from where the original chateau stood, the district is steeped in the history of France and her kings. A royal hunting-lodge, the birthplace of princes of France, the ...

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  • 24-August-2011


    Our Economic Woes Need a Long-Term Fix

    In an article published by the Wall Street Journal, Secretary-General A. Gurría says governments should seize the initiative to resolve the debt crisis and restore economic growth. Emergency, short-term actions that are not part of a medium-term strategy will only bring short-term relief.

  • 16-August-2011


    Back to school

    Work hard at school, get a good education and you can get a good job – the familiar mantra of parents the world over. But is it still true at a time of shrinking government budgets and ballooning unemployment figures? And if so, what kind of education is best?

  • 16-August-2011


    Cool, clean water

    Without water we cannot survive. Yet billions of people still live without access to stable supplies of clean water, and a growing world population will put increasing pressure on this finite resource in years to come. How can we make better use of this precious commodity?

  • 3-August-2011


    MENA (Middle East and North Africa): Governance Initiative

    The Good Governance for Development (GfD) in Arab Countries Initiative aims at modernising public governance structures and processes in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) through dialogue among policy practitioners.

  • 26-July-2011


    Greening growth

    Growing one’s economy AND protecting the environment. They’re not mutually exclusive. In fact, green and growth go together. If you have never had electricity, solar power offers growth and green, for example. But what will it take to make green growth happen for everyone?

  • 22-July-2011


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