OECD-Ukraine co-operation: Overview


The OECD engages with a large number of economies outside its membership, which it refers to as Partners, and which are involved in core OECD activities. Ukraine is a Partner country.

Below you will find an overview, as of March 2014, of Ukraine's involvement in OECD activities, as well as a list of OECD publications on Ukraine.


I. Ukraine's participation and partnerships

1. Partnerships in OECD Bodies and activities

  • Associate in the Steel Committee (2012)
  • Participant in the Public Governance Committee (2008)
  • Participant in the Working Party on SMEs and Entrepreneurship of the CIIE (2009)
  • Participant in the Competition Committee (2011)
  • Member of the International Transport Forum
  • Eurasia Competitiveness Programme, Eastern Europe and South Caucasus Initiative; projects:
  • Sector Competitiveness Strategy of Ukraine, until March 2015
  • Credit Guarantee Schemes for Agriculture, until October 2015
  • SIGMA, European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument, East
  • Environmental Action Programme Task Force for Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia
  • Anti-Corruption Network for Eastern Europe and Central Asia; Istanbul Anti-Corruption Action Plan
  • Eurasia Group on Corporate Governance for Capital Market Development
  • Senior Budget Officials from Central, East and Southeast European Countries
  • OECD-GVH Regional Centre for Competition in Budapest
  • LEED Trento Centre for Local Development
  • Partner in the Bologna Process
  • Seminars in the Multilateral Tax Centres in Ankara, Budapest and Vienna
  • Accra Agenda for Action 
  • Busan Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation

For more details about each Committee, consult our Directory of Bodies


2. Adherence to OECD Instruments


Signature of the Protocol to the Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax

Signature of the Protocol to the Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters
27 May 2010- (Left/Right) Oleksandr Papaika, Head of the State Tax Administration from Ukraine; Angel Gurría, OECD Secretary-General; and Maud de Boer-Buquicchio, Coucil of Europe Deputy Secretary-General at the CoE-OECD signing of Tax Protocol. OECD headquarters, Paris, France.
  • Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters as amended by the Protocol amending the Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters (signed and ratified)
  • Decision of the Council Revising the OECD Schemes for the Varietal Certification or the Control of Seed Moving in International Trade 
  • Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness 
  • Istanbul Ministerial Declaration on Fostering the Growth of Innovative and Internationally Competitive SMEs

 For more details about each Instrument, consult our Database of Decisions, Recommendations and other Instruments


3. General Agreements with the OECD

  • Agreement on Privileges, Immunities and Facilities granted to the Organisation (1999)


4. Outstanding invitation and pending requests

  • Investment Committee (adherent to the Declaration on International Investment and Multinational Enterprises, subject to the outcome of an examination) (2012)
  • Governing Board of the Development Centre (2011)


II. List of OECD publications on Ukraine (since 2010)



For more documents on Ukraine, consult this chronological list


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