Secure Network

The OECD's Committee Information Service is today used by over 18,000 government officials. The service provides secure Internet access to the full range of OECD Committee information: work-in-progress, event details, official documents archive, publications and statistics.

As one of the world's largest and most reliable sources of comparable statistical, economic and social data, there are few areas of government activity that are not addressed in some way by one of the OECD's Committees. National delegates use OLIS to interact with the Secretariat in preparation for Committee meetings.

The success the Committee Information Service has achieved is reflected in the results of a recent survey of national officials who reported: “OLIS is useful for my work” (98% of responses) and “It facilitates my interaction with the OECD” (90% of responses).  Officials who don't use OLIS therefore miss out on access to a unique information resource that can only add value to their national policy work.

OLIS is a free service and complements the public information available on the OECD website. As a government official you can activate your account online by completing this form. Please send any questions to


Public official documents

Unclassified documents are publicly available. You can search for documents by title, phase, date, language or reference number (e.g. TD/TC/CSO(2002)1).

The documents are available from 1990 onwards. Those issued before 1990, as well as documents of historical interest, are available via open historical archives.


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