• 21-October-2013


    Growth in Latin America

    Over the course of the last decade, Latin America has achieved economic expansion and made significant progress in poverty reduction.

  • 8-October-2013


    Shrinking skills

    Skills are at the heart of today’s successful economies and key to improving people’s jobs prospects. But are countries meeting the skills challenge? A new OECD survey shows some are falling behind.

  • 2-October-2013


    Africa’s century?

    Africa’s economy has grown by 5% per year since 2000, but can it sustain this strong performance and benefit more from its abundant resources? Follow the debate at the International Economic Forum on Africa.

  • 20-September-2013


    Ending poverty

    Since the turn of the century, the Millennium Development Goals have determined the world’s development agenda. But, as the 2015 deadline for the MDGs draws nearer, how should that agenda evolve?

  • 11-September-2013


    Education pays

    The new university year has not even begun for millions of students worldwide and already many are worrying about how they will pay their tuition fees. But for those asking themselves if it is all worth it, the answer is reassuring.

  • 4-September-2013


    OECD and the G20

    The Russian Federation has placed the challenge of finding a path to sustainable, balanced and job-rich growth at the heart of its G20 presidency. Here's how the OECD is contributing.

  • 28-August-2013


    Got water?

    Climate change and rising demand are making it harder to meet the world’s water needs. At World Water Week 2013, the OECD will explore how to better manage this vital resource.

  • 15-July-2013


    Jobs for youth

    More than five years on from the financial crisis, joblessness among young people remains alarmingly high in many OECD countries. The issue will be on the agenda of G20 labour ministers when they meet in Moscow.

  • 5-July-2013


    Emerging unrest

    Street protests are back on the global political scene. Do these movements reflect a frustrated middle class who feel the chill of the global economic crisis? Or are there more profound shifts at play?

  • 19-March-2013


    Happiness is...

    Governments have a tough enough job delivering on the economy, and ensuring that their country can provide education and health systems that work, essential services such as water and electricity, not to mention roads, railways and clean air – can we really expect them to make us happy too?

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