• 1-December-2014


    International Trade by Commodity Statistics - Volume 2014 Issue 5

    This reliable source of yearly data covers a wide range of statistics on international trade of OECD countries and provides detailed data in value by commodity and by partner country. Each of the first four volumes of International Trade by Commodity Statistics contains the tables for seven countries, published in the order in which they become available. The fifth volume contains the tables for the remaining six countries, OECD

  • 5-November-2013

    English, PDF, 1,656kb

    How's life in Spain in 2013?

    How's Life? 2013 - Country note - Spain (PDF)

  • 19-November-2009


    Key economic projections by country

    Economic forecasts for GDP, unemployment, inflation and fiscal balance.

  • 18-November-2009


    Spain - Key economic projections

    Economic forecasts for GDP, unemployment, inflation and fiscal balance

  • 30-June-2009


    Keep doors open to migrant workers to meet long-term labour needs, says OECD

    The economic crisis is likely to cause the first major fall in the number of migrants coming to work in OECD countries since the 1980s, according to a new OECD report.

  • 1-October-2004


    OECD Review of Spain's Environmental Performance

    The OECD’s latest report on Spain’s environmental performance praises a number of achievements but also insists that Spain steps up the efficiency of its environmental policies, ...

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  • 1-October-2004


    OECD prüft Spaniens Umweltperformance

    Zu den vorrangigen Umweltfragen in Spanien zählen die Wasserbewirtschaftung, die Erhal-tung der Artenvielfalt, der Klimawandel und die Luftverschmutzung, das Abfallmanagement und die Nachhaltigkeit des Fremdenverkehrs.

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