• 5-November-2013

    English, PDF, 1,698kb

    How's life in Greece in 2013?

    How's Life? 2013 - Country note - Greece (PDF)

  • 4-May-2010


    Greece : OECD welcomes fiscal consolidation plan, says it will help strengthen economy

    OECD' Secretary-General welcomes the fiscal consolidation plan and loan package agreed by the Greek government, its Euro area partners and the International Monetary Fund.

  • 30-April-2010


    Economy: Greece needs financial assistance now, says OECD Secretary General (audio file)

    In this interview for the German radio Deutschlandfunk, Angel Gurría warns that delays are threatening the stability of the international financial system and could spread the crisis to other countries.

  • 15-March-2010

    Greek, , 1,236kb

    Η Ελλάδα Με μια Ματιά Πολιτικές για Βιώσιμη Ανάκαμψη

    Τπφ ην πξ ίζκ α απηφ, ν ΟΟ΢Α εθπφλεζε απηφ ην ελεκεξ σ ηηθφ θπι ι άδην γηα λα επηθνηλσ λήζε η ηηογ λψζε ηο πνπ έρεη απνθηήζε η θαη ηελ αλάι πζε πξ αθηηθψλ θαη κεηαξξ πζκίζε σ λ πνπ επέθεξ αλ θαι ά απνηει έζκ αηα ζ ε άι ι εο ρψξ εο. Πξ νηείλεηαη κηα ζηξ αηεγηθή γηα ηε δηφξ ζσ ζε ησλ αληζν ξ ξ νπηψλ θαη ηνλ εθζπγρξ νληζκ φ ηεο νηθνλνκίαο, ζπλνδεπφκελε απφ ζρέ δηα δξ άζε ο γηα θαζέλα απφ ηνπο παξ αθάησ ελλέα θξ ίζ ηκν πο θι άδνπο:

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  • 15-March-2010


    Greece - Moving ahead to address the challenges

    In his remarks to the Central Bank of Greece, Mr. Gurría offered the OECD support, expertise, and policy experience to help Greece modernise its economy and put it on a path of sustained growth.

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  • 15-March-2010

    English, , 530kb

    Greece at a Glance: Policies for a Sustainable Recovery

    This brochure proposes a strategy to correct imbalances and modernize the Greek economy, accompanied by action plans in the following areas: public administration and budgets; pensions; the governance of state owned enterprises; tax policies;employment and social policy; education; new sources of growth, innovation and green growth;competition; the complex political economy problems associated with reforms in the public sector.

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  • 19-November-2009


    Key economic projections by country

    Economic forecasts for GDP, unemployment, inflation and fiscal balance.

  • 18-November-2009


    Greece - Key economic projections

    Economic forecasts for GDP, unemployment, inflation and fiscal balance