• 5-November-2013

    English, PDF, 1,699kb

    How's life in Denmark in 2013?

    How's Life? 2013 - Country note - Denmark (PDF)

  • 5-June-2012


    Energy Policies of IEA Countries - Denmark 2011 Review

    This review analyses the energy-policy challenges facing Denmark as it develops and implements the ambitious policies outlined in the Energy Strategy 2050, and provides critiques and recommendations for further policy improvements in particular sectors.

  • 24-December-2009


    From Copenhagen to Mexico

    The Secretary-General Angel Gurría and a team of OECD experts were in Copenhagen at the UN Summit on Climate Change (7-18 December 2009) to share analysis and policy advice.

  • 19-November-2009


    Key economic projections by country

    Economic forecasts for GDP, unemployment, inflation and fiscal balance.

  • 18-November-2009


    Denmark - Key economic projections

    Economic forecasts for GDP, unemployment, inflation and fiscal balance

  • 22-January-2007


    Vocational Education and Training

    OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría emphasised the importance of vocational training and education, and highlighted the OECD’s role in developing policies and identifying best practices in these areas.

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  • 22-January-2007


    Globalising Cities and Regions - Rethinking the Urban and Regional Policy Agenda

    Angel Gurría addressed the importance of local initiatives and regional development in helping countries adapt to the challenges of globalisation and technological change in his speech delivered at the Danish Growth Council.