5- Social issues


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Life satisfaction

Did you know?
The World Value Surveys ask respondents to rank their feelings of satisfaction with their lives on a scale from 1 to 10. The surveys now cover 80 countries and use standardised questionnaires. The latest wave of surveys took place between 1999 and 2002.
Test your prejudices. In two of these countries – United Kingdom, Turkey, Norway and Korea – women are significantly more satisfied with their lives than men. Which were they?
Answer. In Turkey and Korea, women report greater life satisfaction than men. Women report lower life satisfaction than men in the United Kingdom and Norway.

Social isolation

Did you know?
The World Value Surveys ask respondents about their contact with other people in their normal daily lives. In the latest wave of surveys (1999 to 2002) 56 countries supplied information on whether respondents “rarely” or “never” had contact with friends, work colleagues and other acquaintances in places of worship, and in sports and cultural associations.
In 12 out of the 21 OECD countries for which data are available, men reported greater social isolation than women.
Very low percentages for all respondents were reported by the African countries in the surveys. The highest percentages were reported in Russia, China and Chile.

Prison population

Did you know?
The Prison Population Rate is the number of people (adults as well as those under 18) in prison per 100 000 population.
In every country far more men are in prison than women but there are large differences between countries. For instance, there are the same number of female prisoners per 100 000 population in the United States as female and male prisoners combined in Japan.

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