Monitoring trade and investment measures


WTO-OECD-UNCTAD publish 10th report on G20 trade and investment measures

18/12/2013 - In their 10th report to the G20, the organisations say that governments should put the spotlight on trade and investment as a source of growth, employment creation and development.

Reports to G20 on trade and investment measures

The leaders of the G20, which comprises the world’s largest economies, are firmly committed to open trade and investment and to resisting protectionism in all its forms. They have mandated WTO, OECD and UNCTAD – the leading international organisations in the area of international trade and investment policies – to monitor policy developments and report publicly on these commitments.


Reports on investment measures

Under its Freedom of Investment process, the OECD has stepped up monitoring of investment policies and issues regular reports on investment measures in the 55 economies that participate in the process:


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