Mobilising investment opportunities in clean energy infrastructure


PPolicy Guidance for Investment in Clean Energy Infrastructure - coverolicy Guidance for Investment in Clean Energy Infrastructure - Expanding Access to Clean Energy for Green Growth and Development

27 February 2015  - Guidance on policy options to make the most of investment opportunities in clean energy infrastructure, drawing on the expertise of the climate and investment communities among others.

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Policy highlights


Investments in clean energy infrastructure will need to be scaled up significantly in the coming years to support the broader development, economic and climate agenda. Given the strains on public finances, this will require leveraging both domestic and international private investment. However, investment in clean energy remains seriously constrained by specific barriers, including market and government failures.


A broad range of policy interventions are needed to transform the energy system and shift investment away from fossil fuels towards clean energy.


The OECD provides governments with tools to create an enabling environment to maximise investment flows to clean energy infrastructure:


Policy Guidance for Investment in Clean Energy Infrastructure

Based on the Policy Framework for Investment, this Guidance is a non-prescriptive tool to help policy makers identify ways to mobilise private investment in clean energy infrastructure.


Mapping Channels to Mobilise Institutional Investment in Sustainable Energy

This report that provides a framework to help policy makers better understand the processes and channels through which institutional investors make sustainable-energy investments.


Overcoming Barriers to International Investment in Clean Energy

This report takes stock of policy restrictions to international investment in solar PV and wind energy, and assesses their impacts across the value chains.




Overview - Mobilising private investment in clean energy infrastructure (pdf)

Policy Guidance for Investment in Clean Energy Infrastructure: policy highlights (pdf)

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