Global energy challenges

G20 countries are treating a range of energy issues as a central concern, but four of them require particular attention: OECD Observer article by Ulrich Benterbusch, Director of Global Energy Policy, International Energy Agency.


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Energy Regulators Statement on Sound Regulation and Promoting Investments in Energy Infrastructure

Energy Regulators Statement from the G20 Outreach Energy Regulators Roundtable



Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Quantitative estimates of support for the production or consumption of fossil fuels in OECD member economies, with a summary of each country's energy economy and support measures.



Taxing Energy Use: A Graphical Analysis

This publication provides the first systematic statistics of effective energy tax rates – on a comparable basis - for each OECD country, together with ‘maps’ that illustrate graphically the wide variations in tax rates per unit of energy or per tonne of CO2 emissions.


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G20/OECD Policy Note on Pension Fund Financing for Green Infrastructure and Initiatives

Prepared for the G20 Los Cabos Summit, this policy note discusses the potential for and the barriers to pension funds investing in green infrastructure projects.


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Incorporating green growth and sustainable development policies into structural reform agendas

This report examines how green growth and sustainable development policies can be incorporated into structural reform agendas. Indeed, as demonstrated in the report, many of these policies are closely linked and synergistic with the framework policies applied by G20 governments in their efforts to pursue strong and sustainable growth.


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G20/OECD Policy Note on Pension Fund Financing for Green Infrastructure and Initiatives

This policy note has been developed by the OECD at the initiative of the G20 Mexican Presidency. This note was finalised in consultation with the OECD’s Working Party on Private Pensions and the International Organisation of Pension Supervisors (IOPS). It is submitted for the consideration by the G20 Leaders at the Los Cabos Summit.


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Sustainable development, green growth and quality employment

Background paper for the Meeting of G20 Labour and Employment MinistersGuadalajara, 17–18 May 2012, prepared by the ILO and the OECD.

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OECD Environmental Outlook to 2050: The Consequences of Inaction

“What will the next four decades bring?” Based on joint modelling by the OECD and the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, this outlook looks forward to 2050 to find out what demographic and economic trends might mean for the environment.

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Joint report by IEA, OPEC, OECD and World Bank on fossil-fuel and other energy subsidies: An update of the G20 Pittsburgh and Toronto Commitments

When G20 Leaders met in Pittsburgh, USA, 2009, they committed to “rationalize and phase out over the medium term inefficient fossil fuel subsidies that encourage wasteful consumption”, while recognising “the importance of providing those in need with essential energy services, including through the use of targeted cash transfers and other appropriate mechanisms”.

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