Indicators of Skills for Employment and Productivity


A Conceptual Framework and Approach for Low-income Countries


Skills are a key determinant of prosperity and well-being. Hence, policies on skill development need to be made with the best information available, particularly in Low Income Countries (LICs) where resources for investment in skills are severely constrained and can ill afford to be wasted.

This report presents a conceptual framework for choosing the most appropriate skills indicators to guide skills development policies and to benchmark country performance. Based on this framework an initial set of internationally comparable indicators is proposed.

The report responds to a call for international organisations to develop comparable skills indicators for employment and productivity in developing countries, particularly LICs. This call was made under the Human Resource Development (HRD) pillar of the G20 Multi-Year Action Plan for Development.

Report:  Indicators of Skills for Employment and Productivity


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This report was produced as part the Human Resource Development Pillar of the G20 Multi-Year Action Plan on Development.


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