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Investments in clean energy infrastructure will need to be scaled up significantly in the coming years to support the broader development, economic and climate agenda. Given strains on public finances, engaging private sector capital will be essential. A key challenge for host governments to catalyse investment flows in clean energy is to design and implement clear and predictable domestic policy frameworks.

To help overcome that challenge, the OECD has developed a policy guidance which aims to provide host country governments with policy options to maximise investment opportunities in clean energy infrastructure. This guidance builds from several OECD instruments. In particular, it is a sectoral adaptation of the Policy Framework for Investment and draws on the collective expertise of climate and investment policy communities to identify issues for host countries to consider in a wide range of policy areas.

The first version of this document was presented to the OECD Investment Committee in October 2012. A revised version was submitted to the OECD Working Party on Climate, Investment and Development (WPCID) in April 2013. The second version was presented to G20 Leaders at their summit in St Petersburg in 2013.

This policy guidance was developed by the Investment Committee and Environment Policy Committee, with contributions from the committees on Development Assistance (DAC), Financial Markets, Competition, Public Governance, and Trade, as well as the International Energy Agency.


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