International futures programme

The Future of the Ocean Economy



The objective of the project is to conduct a global forward-looking assessment of the ocean economy to 2030, with special emphasis on the development potential of emerging ocean-based activities. 

For practical purposes, the project divides the ocean economy into established marine activities and emerging ocean-based activities. 

The project will explore the growth prospects for the ocean economy and its potential for employment creation.

Read The Ocean Economy in 2030 online
April, 2016

Executive summary available in French: l'économie des océans

Particular attention will be devoted to the emerging ocean-based industries:

  • the risks and uncertainties surrounding their future development
  • the innovations required in science and technology
  • investment needs
  • environmental implications
  • impact on ocean ecosystems
  • their contribution to green growth
  • the implications for planning and regulation
  • the policy options most suited to boost their long-term prospects while managing the ocean in responsible, sustainable ways

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