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The concept of a bioeconomy covers a broad range of economic activities, each benefiting from new discoveries, and the related products and services arising out of the biosciences. The futures project, assessed how pervasive biotechnological applications are likely to become, the prospects for further development over the next two to three decades, the potential impact on the economy and society, and the policy agenda needed to promote and diffuse this new wave of innovations in a way that is consistent with broader socioeconomic goals.


The Bioeconomy to 2030 project's final report is now available.



These documents are prepared on the responsibility of the authors. The opinions expressed and arguments employed herein do not necessarily reflect the official views of the OECD or of the governments of its Member countries. They are provided here for informational purposes only.


Projections to 2015

• “Biotechnologies in Agriculture and Related Natural Resources to 2015", by Anthony Arundel and David Sawaya
• "Human Health Biotechnologies to 2015", by Anthony Arundel, David Sawaya, and Ioana Valeanu.

• “Agricultural Biotechnology to 2030,” by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
• “Health Biotechnology to 2030,” by Joyce Tait with David Wield, Ann Bruce,
    Joanna Chataway.
• “Industrial Biotechnology to 2030,” by Elspeth MacRae and Scion staff.

Business Models
• “Health Biotechnology: Emerging Business Models and Institutional Drivers,”
    by Maureen McKelvey
• “Small and Medium Enterprises in Agricultural Biotechnology,” by Steven C.

Intellectual Property
• “The Role of Biotechnology Intellectual Property Rights in the Bioeconomy of 2030,” by E. Richard Gold, Matthew Herder, and Michel Trommetter.
• “Intellectual Property Rights in Agricultural and Agro-food Biotechnologies to 2030,” by Michel Trommetter.
• "Intellectual Property Issues in Biotechnology: Health and Industry," by
    Matthew Herder and E. Richard Gold.

• “An Overview of Regulatory Tools and Frameworks for Modern Biotechnology: A Focus on Agro-Food,” by Mark Cantley.
• “Biotechnology Regulation in the Health Sector,” by Dr M.N.G.Dukes

• “Biotechnology: Ethical and social debates,” by Nicolas Rigaud.



Bioeconomy Glossary
The glossary explains technical terms and abbreviations used in the reports compiled for the OECD Bioeconomy project and those found in the source documents cited in the reports.

"Promoting Responsible Stewardship in the Biosciences", Chairman's Summary In September 2004, 55 participants selected from government, academia, industry, public research organisations, scientific societies, and the science publishing field gathered in Frascati, Italy for three days to discuss the promotion of responsible stewardship in the biosciences and means of avoiding the potential abuse of research and resources. The meeting was convened by the International Futures Program of the OECD. For more information on biosecurity and codes of conduct see www.biosecuritycodes.org.


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