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  • 2-February-2009


    The Future of International Migration to OECD Countries to 2030

    The OECD International Future’s Programme is preparing an expert’s workshop to take place in October 2008 to explore the main factors shaping the global migration landscape over the next 20-25 years. The aim of the workshop is to begin a process to equip decision makers with an enhanced understanding of the complexities and wider context of future migration flows, so that they may better manage the economic and social implications of

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  • 9-June-2008



    For more information, please contact Claire Jolly at or Barrie Stevens at

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  • 17-September-2007

    English, , 479kb

    Monitoring of the OECD Space Project Recommendations

    This paper paints a richly detailed picture of the space industry, its downstream service activities, and its wider economic and social impacts.

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  • 10-May-2007

    English, , 445kb

    OECD Forum on Space Economics: Briefing Note

    Origines, objectives, participants and activities of the OECD Forum on Space Economics are described in this note.

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  • 12-September-2006

    English, , 2,211kb

    OECD Studies in Risk Management - France: Policies for Preventing and Compensating Flood-related damage

    Of all natural hazards, flooding causes the greatest damage in OECD countries, particularly in France.

  • 7-September-2006

    English, , 2,245kb

    OECD Studies in Risk Management - Japan: Floods

    Floods and flood-related disasters, such as landslides, are a traditional and serious risk in Japan. In the 1940s and 50s, after flood disasters took thousands of lives, the creation of a comprehensive flood risk management programme led to a dramatic reduction in human casualties.

  • 20-June-2006


    Infrastructure to 2030 (Volume 2): Mapping Policy for Electricity, Water and Transport

    Infrastructure systems play a vital role in economic and social development, ensuring the delivery of goods and services that promote economic prosperity and growth and contribute to quality of life. The book assesses infrastructure business models and presents policy recommendations.

  • 20-June-2006


    Infrastructure to 2030: Telecom, Land Transport, Water and Electricity

    Infrastructures are the very foundation of modern economies and societies Energy, transport, water, telecommunications, all will continue to be essential to future development and growth.The second volume of this publication was released in 2007.

  • 10-February-2006

    English, , 2,232kb

    OECD Studies in Risk Management - United States: Disaster Information Needs of Ethnic Minorities

    The study develops a tool that the New Mexico Indian tribes/communities can use to assess their exposure and vulnerability to hazards, as well as their capabilities and needs for managing disaster risks.

  • 10-February-2006

    English, , 2,450kb

    OECD Studies in Risk Management - Sweden: Safety of the Elderly

    The elderly are particularly exposed in disasters. The study looks at how the situation of the elderly may evolve in the next decades and how risk and vulnerability management can be adapted accordingly.

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