Stakeholders Participation in the Ministerial Meeting of the Future of the Internet Economy


The Ministerial meeting on the Future of the Internet Economy in 2008 has the objective to take stock of the changes effecting our economies and societies and to articulate a collective vision, one that is shared by all stakeholders, of a desirable future economy and society supported by the Internet. Realising this vision will require action by all stakeholders, and across national borders. 


In this context, the OECD Information Computer and Communications Committee underlined the importance of involving non-governmental stakeholders in the discussion towards the Ministerial, and encouraged member countries to engage in consultations with all stakeholders at the national level.


   Non-Governmental Stakeholders Forums   


Three parallel Stakeholder Forums, organised respectively by business, the Internet technical community, and Civil Society/TUAC, will take place at the COEX centre in Seoul the day before the Ministerial, on 16 June 2008.


Business Forum

"New Horizons: Business Innovation and the Evolving Role of the Internet in Driving Economic Growth and Providing Social Benefit"

COEX, Grand Ballroom, room 103


Internet technical community Forum

"The technical community and the OECD Ministerial on the Future of the Internet economy"

COEX, Grand Ballroom, room 104-105


Civil society/TUAC Forum

"Making the future of the Internet economy work for citizens, consumers and workers"

COEX, Grand Ballroom, room 101-102



The results of the Forums will be reported to Ministers during the first plenary session on the 17th of June (see the Ministerial Programme "at a glance").


A joint press conference will take place in Seoul at the end of the Forums.


If you wish to participate in these events, or contribute to their preparation, please contact the reference points for each stakeholder group listed below.


How to participate?


For more information, please check the websites below or contact the reference point for each group:


Online Public Consultation

The OECD invited public comments on issues such as convergence, innovation and trust, all of which will be discussed at the Future of the Internet Economy Ministerial meeting, which will take place in Seoul, Korea in June 2008.


The consultation was launched to provide an opportunity for all interested stakeholders to contribute to the discussion, and to allow governments to benefit from a wider range of viewpoints and expertise. replies received, and include - among the others - contributions from eBay Canada, the Internet Society of Australia, INTUG, plus consumer associations and several universities.


If you would like to know more about the public consultation and its process, please check our FAQs page.


For any further questions please contact the OECD secretariat.


Thank you again to all participants for their contribution!



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