Stakeholders' participation


The Ministerial meeting on the Future of the Internet Economy in 2008 has the objective to take stock of the changes effecting our economies and societies and to articulate a collective vision, one that is shared by all stakeholders, of a desirable future economy and society supported by the Internet. Realising this vision will require action by all stakeholders, and across national borders. 


In this context, the OECD Information Computer and Communications Committee underlined the importance of involving non-governmental stakeholders in the discussion towards the Ministerial, and encouraged member countries to engage in consultations with all stakeholders at the national level.


Non-governmental stakeholders events


Three events (Business, Technical community, and Civil Society Fora) will take place in Seoul by the day before the Ministerial, on 16 June 2008. In order to participate in these events, or contribute to their preparation, please contact the reference points for each stakeholder group below.


Consultations and contributions


In order to facilitate the participation of non-governmental stakeholders, and convey their inputs in the Ministerial process, several initiatives and consultations are planned to take place in the run up to the meeting in Seoul.


More information about initiatives and consultations ongoing in the different groups are available on their websites (below)


How to participate?


For more information, please check the websites below or contact the reference point for each group:



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