Civil Society participation in the Ministerial meeting


In the path towards the Ministerial meeting in 2008, the OECD Information Computer and Communications Committee stressed the importance of involving civil society in the discussion on the Future of the Internet Economy. 


Already during the Council meeting in 2001, OECD Ministers strongly approved the continued trend towards a more wide-ranging and deepening dialogue with civil society:  “OECD’s enhanced co-operation with its long-standing partners BIAC and TUAC has been complemented over the last year by strengthened co-operative activities with CSOs and other representatives of civil society.  This continuing dialogue builds trust in public institutions and promotes public understanding of the benefits and challenges of global economic and social change.”  The Ministers also called for “improved policy integration and coherence at all levels of government, closer involvement of parliaments, and better mechanisms for interacting with citizens and civil society organisations”.


In preparation of the Ministerial meeting several initiatives and consultations have been launched to promote non-governmental stakeholders participation in the discussion.


The Civil Society and organised labour Forum  "Making the future of the Internet economy work for citizens, consumers and workers" will take place at the COEX centre the day before the Ministerial, on 16 June 2008.


For more information about civil society participation and the organisation of the civil society forum, or for press enquiries, please write to cs-coord @ or visit the following pages:


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