Future of Work

The Future of Work Roadshow

The “I am the Future of Work” Roadshow will travel to different countries to learn how people are preparing for the future of work. We will be looking for solutions, co-creating new ones and sharing them as widely as possible to keep the Future of Work at the top of the political agenda.

Bringing new voices to the debate and centering people in the discussion is at the very core of the campaign. With our partners’ help, we will organise a series of national conversations, on and off line, involving young people, employers, policy makers, experts, workers and trade union representatives, civil society and citizens.

Recent events

With thanks to sponsorship from IBM, we are holding a series of global roadshows to continue to delve in to the topic of the Future of Work. 
NB: Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), the Roadshow events are on pause until further notice, but you can still catch up with the places we'd already visited below: