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  • 3-June-2014


    Meeting of the OECD Council at Ministerial Level 2015

    Focused on "Unlocking investment for sustainable growth and jobs", the 2015 OECD Ministerial Council Meeting (MCM) will be held at the OECD Headquarters in Paris on Wednesday and Thursday 3-4 June 2015, under the chairmanship of the Netherlands, with the Czech Republic, France and Korea as Vice-Chairs.

  • 8-November-2013


    OECD Secretary-General attends meeting hosted by President Hollande with Heads of International Organisations, 8 November 2013

    OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría is attending a meeting that Mr. François Hollande, President of the French Republic, is hosting with the Heads of International Organisations at The Elysée Palace. Attendees will discuss the current global economic outlook, as well specific aspects of the European and French economies.

  • 1-October-2013


    Secretary-General of the OECD at Council of Europe in Strasbourg, on Tuesday 1st October 2013

    Mr. Angel Gurría, Secretary-General of the OECD, will be in Strasbourg on 1st October 2013 to attend the “Enlarged Debate of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on the Activities of the OECD”.

  • 12-March-2012


    OECD participation in the 6th World Water Forum, 12-17 March 2012, Marseille

    The OECD launched a flagship report which sets out OECD’s three-pronged approach to making water reform happen focusing on sustainable financing, effective governance and policy coherence.

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  • 6-March-2012


    Conference: Promoting social entrepreneurship in France (Paris, France)

    The CAS (Centre d’analyse stratégique) and the OCDE-LEED Programme (Local Economic and Employment Development) are convening a conference to promote social enterprises in France.

  • 23-February-2012


    Improving Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems: OECD Conference Proceedings

    How can government policies move towards increasing agricultural innovation and improving productivity? This OECD conference shared case studies and ideas from Europe, China, United States, India, Africa, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand.

  • 14-September-2011


    Governance: improving the economies of Le Havre, Rouen, Paris, and Caen and their surrounding regions

    A new OECD report, The Competitiveness of Port-Cities: The Case of the Seine Axis, outlines the economies of the Seine-Axis ports of Le Havre, Rouen, Paris, and Caen, reviewing the impact of these ports on the surrounding regions and assessing their development policies and governance.

  • 28-October-2010


    OECD Regulatory Policy Conference, 2010

    In light of the recent financial crisis and the pressing social, environmental and economic challenges facing governments today, this conference offered a timely opportunity to redefine the agenda for regulatory policy with a forward-looking perspective.

  • 12-March-2010


    Workshop: Measuring skills and human capital in local economies (Paris, France)

    Working in conjunction with a LEED research project on Skills for Competitiveness, the first seminar of the 2010 LEED FIELD project focused on measuring skills and human capital in local economies.

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  • 18-December-2009


    Innovation and Sustainable Growth in a Globalised World - Joint OECD-World Bank Conference

    Through this conference on Innovation and Sustainable Growth in a Globalised World, the OECD and the World Bank are joining forces to work more closely on innovation, a crucial factor in the success of development policy, notably in middle income market economies.

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