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  • 21-November-2016


    From Ambition to Action: The Paris Action Plan for Inclusive Growth in Cities

    It is a great pleasure for me to be with you this morning, alongside two Champion Mayors of inclusive growth: Anne Hidalgo, mayor of Paris, also the founding mayor of this initiative, and Mr Khalifa Sall, Mayor of Dakar. I would particularly like to thank Madame Hidalgo for hosting us today at the prestigious building of the Hôtel de Ville in Paris.

  • 3-November-2016


    OECD workshop on financing green infrastructure

    Paris, 3 November 2016: This workshop focused on trends in green infrastructure financing; the role of banks, utilities and equity sponsors in financing green infrastructure; the role of institutional investors in establishing a secondary market for green infrastructure and unlocking investment and financing for green innovation.

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  • 24-October-2016


    Global Forum on Environment and Economic Growth

    This Global Forum, held on 24-25 October 2016, aimed to shed light on the links between environment and economic growth, and the toolkits to quantify these links. It provided a platform to explore how a well-managed natural environment can contribute to economic growth and how an effective and efficient regulatory system can best be designed?

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  • 6-October-2016


    OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: France 2016

    OECD Environmental Performance Reviews provide independent assessments of countries’ progress towards their environmental policy objectives. Reviews promote peer learning, enhance government accountability, and provide targeted recommendations aimed at improving countries’ environmental performance, individually and collectively. They are supported by a broad range of economic and environmental data and evidence-based analysis. Each cycle of Environmental Performance Reviews covers all OECD member countries and selected partner countries. The most recent reviews include: Spain (2015), Brazil (2015) and Chile (2016).

    This report is the third Environmental Performance Review of France. It evaluates progress towards sustainable development and green growth, with a focus on energy transition and biodiversity.

  • 5-October-2016

    French, PDF, 709kb

    Panorama de la société 2016 - la situation de la France

    Le nombre de jeunes déscolarisés, sans emploi et ne suivant aucune formation (NEETs) reste élevé en France depuis la crise. Cette note met l'accent sur ces jeunes ainsi que les mesures à adopter. Elle comprend également de nombreux indicateurs spécifiques aux jeunes sur la formation de la famille, l'autonomie, le revenu et la pauvreté, la santé et la cohésion sociale.

  • 26-September-2016

    English, PDF, 512kb

    Environmental taxes: Key findings for France

    This country note provides an environmental tax and carbon pricing profile for France. It shows environmentally related tax revenues, taxes on energy use and effective carbon rates.

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  • 17-September-2016


    "Journées du patrimoine" at the OECD

    The OECD Headquarters was open to the general public for the Journées du Patrimoine on 17-18 September 2016.

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  • 25-August-2016


    Environmental Zoning and Urban Development: Natural Regional Parks in France - Environment Working Paper

    This study provides an empirical analysis of the effects of environmental zoning on urban development. It focuses on the case of Natural Regional Parks (NRPs) in France. Of the environmental zoning instruments used in France, NRPs extend over the widest physical area. Three potential side-effects of NRPs on urban development in the regulated area are investigated.

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  • 15-July-2016


    Statement by OECD Secretary-General Gurría on attack in Nice

    France has endured recent challenges to its freedoms and I am certain that it will respond again by reaffirming the very same values that we celebrated yesterday during Bastille day: Liberté, Égalité et Fraternité.

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  • 11-July-2016


    France will need further effort to meet environmental goals

    France has improved its environmental performance over the last decade, lowering greenhouse gas emissions, reducing some air pollutants and cutting its use of fresh water. Further effort will be needed, however, to reduce pollution by nitrates and pesticides and meet ambitious renewable energy targets, according to a new OECD report.

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