Economic Survey of France - Press Review


1. Summary

The OECD economic survey of France (published 17 June 2005) attracted wide interest in the French press.
The daily Les Echos spelled out the OECD’s recommendations for the labour market, including changes in France’s system of employment contracts. La Tribune highlighted the need for better control of public spending. Le Monde and Le Figaro reported the OECD’s call for further reforms in labour laws and for simplification of the tax system.
The Financial Times, under the headline OECD sounds warning over France’s government debt, drew attention to the OECD’s concern over the sustainability of French public finances. The International Herald Tribune underlined the various measures listed by the OECD to fight unemployment. Forbes online insisted on the need for rapid and full privatisations.
Spain’s El Pais and the German daily Handelsblatt picked up the theme of the budget deficit and the need for more and deeper reforms. The Neue Zürcher Zeitung (Switzerland) focused on the OECD’s recommendations for improving competition in service industries.

2. References

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