• 21-January-2014


    EU-US trade and investment talks: Why they matter

    Talks to free up more trade and investment between the European Union and the United States got under way early in 2013. A good agreement in 2014 would be a positive thing, and not just for the EU and the US.

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  • 19-November-2012


    The euro: A message of solidarity

    by Charles Jenkins, Writer, Commentator and former Director of Western Europe Country Analysis, Economist Intelligence Unit, London. The EU’s crisis has as much to do with leadership and solidarity as resolving fiscal and debt problems. It is time to dispense with caricatures and write the next chapter in the EU’s ongoing history. And for that, clear and transparent data will be needed.

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  • 15-février-2011


    L’impératif budgétaire

    La crise a laissé derrière elle des États quasiment en faillite. Il ne fait aucun doute que toutes les économies développées doivent d’urgence appliquer une stratégie crédible d’assainissement budgétaire à moyen terme, d’après Jean-Claude Trichet, président de la Banque centrale européenne.

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