Workshop on Administrative Simplification -- Ankara, 8-9 May 2008


This workshop on the theme of administrative simplification was hosted in Ankara on 8-9 May 08. It was organised by the Turkish Prime Ministry in collaboration with Sigma. The main objective of this workshop was to contribute to the national debate on and provide inputs to the policy in Turkey on administrative simplification in the EU accession perspective. Emphasis was put on good practices which have lead to administrative simplification rather than on conceptual and theoretical matters.
The following are expert papers presented at the conference.

Conference Programme

  • Edward Donelan
  • Administrative Simplification, an overarching policy to maintain a balance between the protection of the public interest and interests of businesses
  • Administrative Simplification through building a culture of, and capacity for, better regulation including regulatory impact assessment
  • Malgorzata Kaluzynska
  • How Effective are Administrative Simplification Policies?
  • Jeroen Nijland
  • Cutting Red Tape the Dutch Way -- Measuring the Cost of Administrative Burdens and Identifying its Main Sources
  • Clarisse Reille
  • Administrative Simplification: Insights Challenges and Opportunities -- The Experience of France

  • Jacques Ziller
  • Administrative simplification through a general law on administrative procedures
  • Developing administrative simplification: selected experiences from recent administrative reforms in EU institutions and Member States for the protection of citizens’ rights and economic development

For further information, please contact Edward Donelan of Sigma.


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