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  • 28-February-2011


    Fisheries Policy Reform: National Experiences

    Fisheries reform is driven by economic forces, not environmental crisis. Policy makers must involve all stakeholders in supporting and sustaining reforms, as seen in these case studies of Iceland, Korea, Mexico, Norway and New Zealand.

  • 8-février-2011


    Aspects économiques de l’adaptation des pêcheries au changement climatique

    Le changement climatique aura des impacts sur les pêcheries, les stocks de poissons et les communautés côtières, mais toutefois la forme et l'étendue de ces impacts sont incertaines. (En anglais)

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  • 31-January-2011


    Practical Considerations in Using Bioeconomic Modelling for Rebuilding Fisheries

    Many fish stocks need rebuilding, but economic and social factors are also important for sustainable fisheries. This paper discusses the important distinction between rebuilding stocks and rebuilding fisheries, and the use of bioeconomic modelling for developing rebuilding strategies.

  • 17-January-2011


    Decision-Making and Action Taking: Fisheries Management in a Changing Climate

    What should policy makers do to address climate change? This working paper looks at approaches to managing fisheries, so that the sector can adapt to changing conditions.

  • 19-novembre-2010


    Les pêcheries : Jusqu'à l'épuisement des stocks ?

    La mondialisation, la gestion des ressources naturelles et l’évolution des styles de vie sont autant de facteurs qui influent sur les pêcheries, selon ce livre dans la série Les essentiels de l'OCDE.

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  • 13-September-2010


    Advancing the Aquaculture Agenda: Workshop Proceedings

    Aquaculture now provides more than 50% of the global supply of fisheries products for direct human consumption. The economic, environmental and social implications of this were discussed by policy makers and experts at this 2010 conference.

  • 4-August-2010


    Review of Fisheries in OECD Countries 2009 : Policies and Summary Statistics

    Analysis and statistics for issues affecting fisheries in OECD countries in 2005, 2006 and some recent events of 2007, including changes in national and international policies, trade, climate change, and fisheries and aquaculture production.

  • 18-June-2010


    Management Strategy Evaluation and Management Procedures: Tools for Rebuilding and Sustaining Fisheries

    Management strategy evaluation (MSE) is designed to identify fishery rebuilding and harvest strategies that are robust to uncertainty and natural variation, and that balance biological and socioeconomic objectives.

  • 11-June-2010


    Workshop on the Economics of Adapting Fisheries to Climate Change

    Presentations and information from a workshop on how OECD member countries can develop fisheries strategies to adapt to climate change, Busan, Korea, 10-11 June 2010

  • 3-May-2010


    Globalisation in Fisheries and Aquaculture: Opportunities and Challenges

    Global markets for fish and fish products have changed considerably over the past few decades and continue to do so. Countries must work harder on fisheries and aquaculture management to remain sustainable, says this overview of globalisation in fisheries and aquaculture.

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