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Regional Trade Agreements and Environment


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Many regional trade agreements (RTAs) contain specific provisions relating to the environment. These provisions relate to a range of areas including tourism, industry, waste, energy and the quality of air and water.

OECD studies how countries include environmental considerations in RTAs, their experiences in implementing them, and how these RTA provisions on the environment compare with those in multilateral agreements at the World Trade Organization (WTO).

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Environment and Regional Trade Agreements (2007)

Many countries have signed, or are negotiating, regional trade agreements and there are now more than 200 such agreements worldwide. Most of those negotiated by OECD countries incorporate environmental concerns but many others do not. 

This OECD study analyses different ways in which countries have negotiated and applied environmental concerns in regional trade agreements, and will help policy makers ensure that regional trade liberalisation and environmental objectives go hand in hand.

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