Programme de recherche sur les ressources biologiques dans l'agriculture

2013: Les conférences sponsorisées


  • Best Practices in Documenting Negligible Risk for Trichinella in Pork, 14-15 mai 2013, Berlin, Allemagne


  • OECD International Conference on "Livestock Disease Policies: Building Bridges between Animal Sciences and Economics", 3-4 juin 2013, Paris, France


  • Reducing antimicrobial usage in agriculture and aquaculture: beyond regulatory policy, 1-3 juillet 2013, Utrecht, Pays-Bas


  • Exploiting the explosion of information associated with next generation omics to tackle Shigatoxin procuding Escherichia coli (STEC) in global food production systems, 27-28 juillet 2013, Charlotte, Caroline du Nord, USA


  • Conservation Tenders in Developed and Developing Countries - Status Quo, Challenges and Prospects, 11-14 septembre 2013, Schleiden, Allemagne


  • Plant-made vaccines as an alternative to antibiotics: countering antimicrobial resistance to veterinary bacterial diseases and ensuring human food safety, 23-25 septembre 2013, London, Ontario, Canada    


  • Advancing Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture in the Circumpolar North, 29 sept - 3 oct 2013,  Girdwood, Alaska, USA



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