Programme de recherche sur les ressources biologiques dans l'agriculture

2013: Les conférences sponsorisées


  • Best Practices in Documenting Negligible Risk for Trichinella in Pork, 14-15 mai 2013, Berlin, Allemagne


  • OECD International Conference on "Livestock Disease Policies: Building Bridges between Animal Sciences and Economics", 3-4 juin 2013, Paris, France


  • Reducing antimicrobial usage in agriculture and aquaculture: beyond regulatory policy, 1-3 juillet 2013, Utrecht, Pays-Bas


  • Exploiting the explosion of information associated with next generation omics to tackle Shigatoxin procuding Escherichia coli (STEC) in global food production systems, 27-28 juillet 2013, Charlotte, Caroline du Nord, USA


  • Conservation Tenders in Developed and Developing Countries - Status Quo, Challenges and Prospects, 11-14 septembre 2013, Schleiden, Allemagne


  • Plant-made vaccines as an alternative to antibiotics: countering antimicrobial resistance to veterinary bacterial diseases and ensuring human food safety, 23-25 septembre 2013, London, Ontario, Canada    


  • Advancing Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture in the Circumpolar North, 29 sept - 3 oct 2013,  Girdwood, Alaska, USA


  • Science into policy; improving uptake and adoption of research, 12-13 novembre 2013, Brisbane, Australie

Actes de la conférence: Proceedings: Dombrowski S. and B. Schönig (Eds.) (2014), Journal für Verbraucherschutz und Lebensmittelsicherheit (Journal of Consumer Protection and Food Safety), Volume 9, Supplement 1, July 2014, “Conference Proceedings 'Science into Policy, improving uptake and adoption of research”, Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL), Berlin, with Springer, Heidelberg;


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