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  • 3-novembre-2009


    Trade in Intermediate Goods and Services

    A higher share of imported inputs leads to productivity gains in domestic industries and reduces inefficiencies in the use of technology, according to this study of international trade in intermediate goods and services.

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  • 9-October-2009

    English, , 739kb

    Clarifying Trade Costs: Maritime Transport and its Effect on Agricultural Trade

    Maritime transport costs have a significant impact on the trade in agricultural goods. Maritime transport costs represent a high proportion of the imported value of agricultural products -- 10% on average, which is a similar level of magnitude as agricultural tariffs.

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  • 28-July-2009

    English, , 591kb

    Vertical Trade, Trade Costs and FDI

    Firms find advantages in sourcing inputs from abroad and in fragmenting their production process. This report describes and illustrates new firm strategies of vertical specialisation and explores the trade policy implications of new patterns of trade and investment.

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  • 2-June-2009


    The crisis and its impact on cross border investment

    With the global economic crisis, governments are now focused on restoring national economic and employment growth and financial stability which also poses risks for freedom of investment.

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  • 21-May-2009


    Responding to the global economic crisis – OECD’s role in promoting open markets and job creation

    In his speech delivered at the 2009 BIAC Business Roundtable, Mr. Gurría underlined that the OECD was working hard to help countries design better and more reliable policies to underpin the credibility of a stronger and more accountable global economy. But he warned that a new economic system can only work if it’s based on a more responsible business culture that can reconcile profit-making with reducing inequalities, fostering

  • 15-May-2009

    English, , 675kb

    Trade impacts of selected regional trade agreements in agriculture

    This paper provides an in-depth examination of the trade effects of three regional trade agreements (RTAs) in the agricultural sector: the ASEAN Free Trade Agreement (AFTA), the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) and the Southern Cone Common Market (MERCOSUR).

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  • 12-février-2009


    Surmonter les obstacles à la frontière: Coûts et bénéfices de la facilitation des échanges

    Les échanges internationaux se sont considérablement développés ces dernières années, grâce en partie à la réduction progressive des droits de douane et des contingents tarifaires dans le cadre des cycles successifs de libéralisation multilatérale des échanges.

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  • 6-février-2009

    Français, , 713kb

    Impact de la libéralisation des échanges de services sur les échanges de produits non agricoles

    Cette étude permet de constater que les échanges de services contribuent à élargir l’éventail des prestataires de services qui soutiennent la compétitivité dans les secteurs de la production manufacturière de haute technologie et à forte valeur ajoutée.

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  • 8-October-2008

    English, , 572kb

    Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) spillovers and their interrelationships with trade

    Foreign direct investment (FDI) represents an increasingly important dimension of international economic integration with global FDI flows growing faster than output over the past two decades.

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  • 18-juin-2008

    Français, , 220kb

    Synthèses: Faire des échanges un vecteur de développement

    Pour les particuliers aussi bien que pour les entreprises, les industries ou les régions, savoir s’adapter au changement est un gage de réussite dans l’économie mondiale moderne. Les nouvelles technologies font naître de nouvelles filières, et la libéralisation des échanges ouvre de nouveaux marchés et aiguise la concurrence. L’« ajustement structurel » ou l’adaptation aux mutations structurelles est un impératif si les économies

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