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OECD Expert Meeting on Agri-biodiversity Indicators, November 2001



5–8 November, 2001 in Zürich, Switzerland


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Publication of the Expert Meeting Proceedings

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Expert Meeting Summary and Recommendations

    English Version (PDF ~ 149 KB)
    French Version (PDF ~ 200 KB)
    German Version (PDF ~ 482 KB)
    Spanish Version (PDF ~ 283 KB)

Discussion Documents:
Plenary Session 1:
 Introduction and Objectives for the Meeting
 OECD Agri-biodiversity Indicators: Background Paper (PDF ~ 408 KB)
  by Kevin Parris, OECD Secretariat.
Parallel Sessions:
 Group 1: Plant and Animal Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture 
  Indicators of Agricultural Genetic Resources: FAO's Contribution to Monitoring Agricultural Biodiversity (PDF ~ 72 KB)
  by Linda Collette, FAO.
  Biological Diversity of Livestock and Crops: Useful Classification and Appropriate Agri-environmental Indicators (PDF ~ 207 KB)
  by Frank Wetterich, Germany.
  Agri-biodiversity Indicators used in Poland (PDF ~ 139 KB)
  by Anna Liro, Elzbieta Martyniuk, Tadeusz Oleksiak, and Wieslaw Podyma, Poland.
  Animal Genetic Resources Indicators in Germany (PDF ~ 46 KB)
  by Eildert Groeneveld, and Jörg Bremond, Germany.
  Developing Biodiversity Indicators for the Livestock in Greece (PDF ~ 174 KB)
  by A. Georgoudis, A. Baltas, Ch. Tsafaras, Ch. Ligda, E. Danou, and K. Fragos, Greece.
  Plant Genetic Resources and Agri-biodiversity in Czech Republic (PDF ~ 86 KB)
  by Ladislav Dotlacil, Zdenek Stehno, Anna Michalova, and Iva Faberova, Czech Republic.
  Assessment of Crop Diversity in Hungary: Possible Indicators for Genetic Variation (PDF ~ 136 KB)
  by Laszlo Holly, and Bertalan Szekely, Hungary.
  Agricultural Plant Diversity in Turkey (PDF ~ 98 KB)
  by Ayfer Tan, Turkey.
 Group 2:  Wild Species Dependent or Impacted by Agricultural Activities and Analytical Tools for Measuring Trends in Biodiversity
  A Perspective on Indicators for Species Diversity in Denmark (PDF ~ 84 KB)
  by Rasmus Ejrnæs, Denmark.
  Wild Flora and Fauna in Irish Agro-ecosystems: A Practical Perspective on Indicator Selection (PDF ~ 81 KB)
  by Jane Feehan, Ireland.
  Agro-biodiversity Indicators for Policy Evaluation: The Experience of Emilia-Romagna (PDF ~ 84 KB)
  by Gianfranco De Geronimo, Franco Marchesi, and Roberto Tinarelli, Italy.
  An Agricultural Habitat Indicator for Wildlife (PDF ~ 149 KB)
  by Jin-Han Kim, Byung-Ho Yoo, Changman Won, Jin-Young Park, and Jeong-Yeon Yi, Korea,
  Using Bird Data to Develop Biodiversity Indicators for Agriculture (PDF ~ 397 KB)
  by Melanie Heath, and Matthew Rayment, Birdlife International.
  Overview of Biodiversity Indicators Related to Agriculture in Belgium (PDF ~ 170 KB)
  by Visi Garcia Cidad, Jean-François Maljean, Alan Peeters, and Geert De Blust, Belgium.
  Automated Classification of Habitats (PDF ~ 138 KB)
  by Rasmus Ejrnaes, Denmark.
  Eco-Fauna-Database: A Tool for Both Selecting Indicator Species for Land Use and Estimating Impacts of Land Use on Animal Species (PDF ~ 154 KB)
  by Thomas Walter, and Karin Schneider, Switzerland.
  From Scientific Analysis to Agri-environmental Measures (PDF ~ 182 KB)
  by Riccardo Simoncini, IUCN.
Plenary Session 2:
 Ecosystem/Habitats Impacted by Agricultural Activities
 Estimating Wildlife Habitat Trends on Agricultural Ecosystems in the United States (PDF ~ 968 KB)
  by Stephen J. Brady, and Curtis H. Flather, United States.
 Monitoring Habitat Change in Japanese Agricultural Systems (PDF ~ 612 KB)
  by David Sprague, Japan.
 Agriculture and Biodiversity: Reporting on Trends at European Level (PDF ~ 135 KB)
  by Dominique Richard, EEA.
 Constraints in Land Uuse by Agriculture, Nature Protection Issues, Rural Development and Biodiversity in Various Regions of Austria — An Analytical Approach Based on Spatial Information Techniques (PDF ~ 101 KB)
Related maps: Map 1 (PDF ~ 3271 KB), Map 2 (PDF ~ 1320 KB), Map 3 (PDF ~ 2178 KB), Map 4 (PDF ~ 1086 KB).
  by Peter Aubrecht, Bettina Götz, and Gerhard Zethner, Austria.
 National and Regional Level Farmland Biodiversity Indicators in Finland (PDF ~ 111 KB)
  by Mikko Kuussaari, and Janne Heliölä, Finland.
 Environmental Indicators for Farmland Habitats: The Situation in Italy (PDF ~ 108 KB)
  by Marco Genghini, Italy.
 Measuring the Impact of Norwegian Agriculture on Habitats (PDF ~ 675 KB)
  by Wendy Fjellstad, Norway.
 Developing Habitat Accounts: An Application of the UK Countryside Surveys (PDF ~ 168 KB)
  by Andrew Stott, United Kingdom.
 Agri-biodiversity Indicators: A View from Unilever Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (PDF ~ 235 KB)
  by Gail Smith, Jamie Mc Masters, and David Pendlington, BIAC.
 Linking Wild Species With Their Use of Different Agricultural Habitats 
 Indicators of Agri-biodiversity: Australia's Experience (PDF ~ 131 KB)
  by James Walcott, Jean Chesson, and Peter O'Brien, Australia
Using Biological and Land Use Information to Develop Indicators of Habitat Availability on Farmland (PDF ~ 154 KB)
  by Terence McRae, and Ted Weins, Canada.
 Assessing Biodiversity in Agricultural Ecosystems (PDF ~ 111 KB)
  by Michael J. Mac, United States.
 The State of Agro-biodiversity in The Netherlands: Integrating Habitat and Species Indicators (PDF ~ 318 KB)
  by  Ben ten Brink, The Netherlands.
 Biodiversity Indicators in Agriculture: A Combination of Species and Habitat Approaches (PDF ~ 66 KB)
  by Gerard van Dijk, UNEP.

Room Documents:
Farm Animal Diversity in Turkey (PDF ~ 92 KB)
  by T. Goncagul.


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