• 1-March-2010

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    OECD Reviews of Migrant Education - Sweden

    Compared to their native Swedish peers, immigrant students, on average, have weaker education outcomes at all levels of education. Nearing the end of compulsory education, at age 15, there are very significant performance disadvantages for immigrant students.

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  • 19-February-2010


    Innovation effects of the Swedish NOx charge

    This report links the introduction of the Swedish NOx charge to technology adoption and development of mitigation technology.

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  • 13-January-2010


    OECD Territorial Reviews: Sweden

    This review of regional policy in Sweden explores the potential for enhanced innovation and entrepreneurship and provides recommendations to strengthen Sweden’s regional development strategies through improved governance mechanisms, both regionally and across levels of government.

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  • 10-August-2009

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    The Medium-Term Fiscal Framework in Sweden

    Since 1997, a medium-term fiscal framework has been applied to virtually all aspects of budget preparation in Sweden. The longer three-year horizon has enabled better fiscal discipline through the use of fiscal targets and advanced forecasting models. Particular attention is placed on ensuring the consistency and quality of forecasts. In addition, forecasting of revenues and expenditures is an exercise that involves all levels of the

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  • 29-July-2009

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    Performance Budgeting in Sweden

    Management by performance began in Sweden’s public administration in the late 1980s, both as a tool for the government’s budget process and as a way for the government to control its agencies. This article discusses various aspects of the performance system in the Swedish context.

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  • 9-juillet-2009


    Suède (2009) Examen du CAD par les pairs : Les Principales conclusions et recommandations

    La Suède a déboursé pour 4.73 milliards USD d’aide publique au développement (APD) en 2008. Cette somme, qui représente 0.98 % de son revenu national brut (RNB), fait d’elle le donneur le plus généreux de tous les membres du CAD à proportion de son revenu national. Cet accomplissement est particulièrement louable en une période de récession mondiale. En 2009, la présidence de l’UE offrira à la Suède une tribune idéale d’où consolider

  • 6-July-2009


    Aid for Trade at a Glance 2009 - Sweden

    The Aid for Trade at a Glance 2009: Maintaining Momentum report presents the results of the second monitoring exercise of the Aid for Trade Initiative and documents its success so far.

  • 1-April-2009

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    OECD Thematic Review on Migrant Education - Country Background Report for Sweden

    The focus of this report is on migrant education policies and practices. However, some information on general immigration and integration policies and approaches is provided in order to place education policies in overall national policy contexts.

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  • 4-mars-2009


  • 3-mars-2009


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