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The OECD RIHR Workshop on Transferable Skills Training for Researchers: Supporting career development and research


OECD Headquarters, Paris
28 November 2011

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Researchers are a key input into science and technology activity and their formation and careers are an important policy issue. Governments are keen to ensure that approaches to researcher training and careers are yielding net benefits for their economies. The OECD’s Working Party on Research Institutions and Human Resources (RIHR) is undertaking a project aimed at helping governments, as major actors in researcher training, to consider whether current national approaches provide appropriate support to researchers seeking to improve their transferable skill competencies. With a focus on countries’ government- and institute-level policies on formal training in transferable skills for researchers, it will collect evidence on current arrangements, attempt to identify good practices in transferable skills training, and highlight possible future directions to support researcher career development and improve research.


This workshop brought together subject experts and members of the RIHR Working Party to discuss the results of a RIHR policy questionnaire on current training arrangements for transferable skills and to “brainstorm” future policy directions.


A report entitled Transferable Skills for Researchers: Supporting Career Development and Research was published in December 2012.


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