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Conference on Intellectual Property Valuation and Exploitation: Presentations


Berlin, 30 June- 1 July 2005

Welcome speech

  • Rezzo Schlauch, Parlamentary State Secretary, German Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour (pdf, 33Kb)

Opening session

  • Herwig Schlögl, Deputy Secretary General, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (pdf, 27Kb)
  • Alain Pompidou, President, European Patent Office (pdf, 30Kb)
  • Ashish Arora, Professor, The H. John Heinz III School of Public Policy and Management,
    Carnegie Mellon University (pdf, 433Kb)
  • Ruud Peters, Chief Executive Officer, Philips Intellectual Property and Standards

Session 1: New uses of IP and need for valuation

  • Isabel Verlinden, Managing Partner, Eurofirm Transfer Pricing Services, PriceWaterhouseCoopers (pdf, 258Kb)
  • Malte Köllner, Managing Partner, Triangle Venture Capital Group (pdf, 407Kb)
  • Riikka Heikinheimo, Executive Director, Research Funding, Tekes, National Technology Agency Finland (pdf, 240Kb)

Session 2A: How can SMEs actively use patent protection and licensing as a business strategy?

  • Mathias Kunz, Chief Executive Officer, t-blade GmbH (pdf, 308Kb)
  • Richard Simmons, European Association of Craft, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (pdf, 268Kb)
  • Wolfgang Knappe, Head, Fraunhofer Patent Center for German Research (pdf, 114Kb)

Session 2B: IP and technology intermediaries

  • Alexander Wurzer, Director, Steinbeis Transfer Institute (pdf, 386Kb)
  • Walter Holzer, European Patent Attorney, Past President, European Patent Institute (pdf, 371Kb)
  • Phil B. Stern, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Yet2.com (pdf, 474Kb)
  • David Secher, Director, Research Services, University of Cambridge

Session 3: IP management and exploitation: practices across industries

  • Volker Plogmann, Managing Director, Patent and Trademark Department, Wilhelm Karmann GmbH (pdf, 781Kb)
  • Kevin Nachtrab, Director, IP Department, Innogenetics (pdf, 222Kb)
  • Botaro Hirosaki, Senior Vice-President, Executive General Manager, Intellectual Asset Operations Unit, NEC Corporation (pdf, 1652Kb)

Session 4: Encouraging valuation and exploitation: The experience of public institutions

  • Kiyoshi Yonetsu, Director, International Affairs Division, Japan Patent Office (pdf, 306Kb)
  • Lawrence Cullen, Senior Policy Advisor, IP Policy Directorate, United Kingdom Patent Office (pdf, 211Kb)
  • Jon Santamauro, Intellectual Property Attaché, United States Trade Representative‘s Office
  • Roya Ghafele, Associate Economic Officer, IP and Economic Development Department, World Intellectual Property Organisation (pdf, 100Kb)

Session 5A: Methods for patent valuation

  • Martin Zieger, Partner, Corporate Finance, KPMG and Guido von Scheffer, Director, Sales and Organisation, IP Bewertungs AG (pdf, 485Kb)
  • Werner Fröhling, Head, Patent Department, Volvo (pdf, 176Kb)
  • Markus Reitzig, Associate Professor, Copenhagen Business School (pdf, 68Kb)

Session 5B: Macroeconomic evaluations of licensing markets in Europe, Japan and the United States

Session 6: Encouraging valuation and exploitation – What could government do (or not)?

  • Hisamitsu Arai, Secretary General, IP Headquarters, Cabinet Secretariat of Japan (pdf, 366Kb)
  • Heinz Zourek, Deputy Director General, Directorate General Enterprise, European Commission (pdf, 23Kb)
  • Wilhelm Niemeier, Director General, Economic Law Department, German Federal Ministry of Justice (pdf, 28Kb)



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