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  • 13-February-2006


    The policy implications of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) (STI Digital Economy Paper 106)

    VoIP traffic is growing rapidly in conjunction with the growth in broadband connections, in particular digital subscriber lines (DSL) and cable modems. According to a recent survey, VoIP is growing at twice the rate of traditional switched voice.

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  • 16-January-2006


    Telecommunication regulatory institutional structures and responsibilities (STI Digital Economy Paper 105)

    The jurisdiction of regulators has changed in many countries as responsibilities, formerly with ministries, was transferred to regulators.

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  • 10-January-2006


    VoIP: Developments in the market (STI Digital Economy Paper 104)

    The development of broadband Internet access, has triggered a shift in voice traffic from traditional public switched telephone networks (PSTN) to alternative Internet Protocol (IP) networks.

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  • 5-janvier-2006


    Examen des politiques à l'égard des consommateurs : Rapport sur les campagnes d'information des consommateurs relatives aux escroqueries ("scams")

    Ce rapport sur les campagnes d'information des consommateurs relatives aux escroqueries fait des recommandations dans 5 domaines où la pratique peut être améliorée afin de garantir une meilleure compréhension des escroqueries et une plus forte intégration des campagnes visant à lutter contre elles.

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  • 21-December-2005


    The Promotion of a Culture of Security for Information Systems and Networks in OECD Countries (STI Digital Economy Paper 102)

    This report is a major information resource on governments’ effective efforts to date to foster a shift in culture as called for in the OECD Guidelines for the Security of Information Systems and Networks: Towards a Culture of Security.

  • 15-December-2005


    An Empirical Contribution to Knowledge Production and Economic Growth (STI Working Paper 2005/10)

    This paper examines the dynamics of knowledge production for a panel of 19 OECD countries. A new and unique data set is used to proxy the domestic flows of “new-to-the-world” knowledge and ideas.

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  • 16-November-2005

    English, , 175kb

    Anti-Spam Regulation

    The "Anti-Spam Regulation" paper has been prepared with the objective of aiding the development and review of anti-spam legislation strategies and arrangements in OECD member countries and non-member economies.

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  • 18-October-2005


    Analysing European and International Patent Citations: A Set of EPO Patent Database Building Blocks (STI Working Paper 2005/9)

    This paper presents a preliminary set of European and international citation data tables designed to enable researchers to become familiar with the subject and undertake a range of analyses.

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  • 22-September-2005

    English, , 299kb

    Growth in Services: Fostering Employment, Productivity and Innovation (STI Digital Economy Paper 94)

    The services sector now accounts for over 70% of total employment and value added in OECD economies. It also accounts for almost all employment growth in the OECD area.

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  • 31-August-2005


    The Contribution of Foreign Affilliates to Productivity Growth: Evidence from OECD Countries (STI Working Paper 2005/8)

    This study quantifies the contribution of foreign affiliates to productivity growth using a growth accounting approach and compares the presence of foreign affiliates across OECD countries. The analysis confirms that foreign affiliates can make an important contribution to productivity growth.

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